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Submission to Council

Like my concerned citizens of Cobar I have submitted a submission to Council regarding the expansion application of the mining camp.

But we need more people to write to the Council to hear our message - we don't want this expansion.

Here is my submission. Feel free to take parts from what I have written to create your own.

Submissions close COB, Wednesday 4 September 2019 to the General Manager quoting DA No. 2019/LD-00023.

I have read the application regarding the expansion and to express myself in a conservative manner, I am disappointed. It is hard to read such a document that is riddled with misconceptions.

I wish to express my concerns and comments in regards to this application.

Cobar is my home, it is a place where I have grown up and a safe haven where I have chosen to raise my family. Myself, like many others have a deep connection with Cobar - we are a community.

We are invested in the town. We have purchased homes, our children attend school and/or child care locally, we are employed within the town limits, we support local businesses, we participate in sporting activities and other community based events - we care about one another.

The mining village was originally established to help mitigate the housing shortage within town. However, this is no longer an issue. There are many, in fact over 100 houses to rent and/or purchase within the town.

This application has no thought for the social or mental wellbeing of the community or the occupants of the camp. Cobar is a social and compassionate place to live. Isolating and removing employees to the outskirts of town will not just hurt our community, but the workers themselves.

Services that are in the town are not utilised by the mining camps residents. Miners placed at the camp have no reason to come into town, their meals and accommodation are provided for. They do their roster and retreat back to their respective "homes". We don't encourage miners to shop locally - they don't need to, when everything is included at the camp.

It is sad really. Our town, our community was founded on being residential. All of the mines in our town have built homes to integrate the mining employment into the community. But over the years, they have slowly been letting these houses become unoccupied. Mines changing their business models - changing solely for profit and not their employees, or the town. I also understand this is not a revelation, this is what businesses do. But when you have mines operating at such a close proximity to the town, we should have regulations in place to protect the community and its residents. We need similar legislation introduced in Queensland in March - the Strong and Sustainable Resources Communities Act.

In a mining town, not everyone works at the mine. The town feeds off the mine.

We are already struggling to maintain and attract medical professionals and teachers to our town - should our town size decrease due to the camps expansion and FIFO/DIDO mentality we will be forced to either travel more for basic facilities or to relocate.

The whole idea of Cobar is a community. Families are what make a community. Families don't stay at the camp. If a singular person is only coming to town the likelihood of them staying in town is very slim. Who wants to work somewhere isolated, in a small room without your loved ones?

Children can be educated here, other family members can be employed within the community - yet we aren't attracting the broader family.

As a homeowner in town, should this application be approved what happens to our house prices? Will our homes be worthless?

Please consider this application carefully as this affects everyone in our community; and not in a good way.


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